An Overview of the rincanter API

Clojure/R integration using rosuda JRIEngine


by Joel Boehland
Detailed API documentation
Rincanter is a Clojure/incanter wrapper around the rosuda
JRIEngine Java/R bridge. The hope is to allow easy access to an
embedded R engine from incanter. It also offers conversion between
Clojure/incanter datatypes and R datatypes such as R dataframe to
incanter dataset.
Public variables and functions: get-jri-engine init-jri-engine r-eval r-eval-no-catch r-eval-raw r-get r-get-raw r-set! r-try-parse-eval with-r-eval with-r-eval-no-catch with-r-eval-raw with-r-try-parse-eval

Variables and functions in com.evocomputing.rincanter.convert: dataframe? def-from-r from-r prefer-primitive-type r-attr r-attr-names r-atts r-atts-raw r-has-attr? r-map-to-atts r-true to-r
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